The Adventures of FART is a Youtube Poop-Esque TV Series Based On FART.

Music And Themes Edit

  1. Suprises
  2. 8 Bit Marching Song
  3. MacGyver Theme

Titular Character: Edit

FART is a Main Character From FART. He’s a Flatulent Alien That Appears In History. He Likes to Fart and Talk and Sometimes Laugh Only The Way When He is Good.

Unlike Gordon’s Dad Who Just Farted (Possibly in Youtube Poop History). FART Letting it Out a Fart Like Original Fart Master. He’s a Fart Master That Appears In It.

MacGyver Characters: Edit

Angus MacGyver Appears In This.

Episodes: Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. Alien Dance
  3. The Pismo Overall
  4. Birdman of Dreamers
  5. Gordon’s Day Out
  6. Gordon’s Canadian Adventures
  7. Our Minds
  8. The Stories of MacGyver (English accent)
  9. The Legend of The Hundred Acre Wood Swamp
  10. The Brand New Adventures
  11. Return of Alien Dance
  12. The Another Return
  13. Fart Takes an Epic Wild
  14. The Skullaway
  15. First Day for Little Girls!
  16. Housesitting for Wooley (Halloween Special 10/15/18)
  17. Getting Turned
  18. Mid-Goomer Night’s Bright (Christmas Special 12/24/18)
  19. The Final Story (1/11/19)

Sound Effects: Edit

  1. Censored Beeps
  2. Fart Sounds
  3. Hotel Mario Sounds
  4. Zelda Wand of Gamelon Sounds
  5. Screaming Sounds
  6. Spongebob Sounds
  7. Anvil Hit Sound Effects
  8. PG-13 Sounds
  9. Looney Tunes Sounds (The Final Story)

Words Spends Edit

  1. When Rick is Cussed is Censored.
  2. Gordon Says The Bad Word is Censored.