Teal’c And Three Bears is the 9th episode of The New Adventures of FART.

Plot synopsis Edit

Teal’c (from StarGate SG-1) Went Oftenly To MacGyverLand To See MacGyver. But He Went To See MacGyver’s Three Pets And Shows How Teal’c Talks to Them. Then, MacGyver Came Home For His Speaking.

Appearances Edit

MacGyverLand And StarGate Characters Appeared:

  • Papa Bear (MacGyver’s Pet)
  • Mama Bear (MacGyver’s Pet)
  • Little Bear (MacGyver’s Another Pet)
  • Pet Dog (MacGyver’s Pet Lived In Magic Kingdom And MacGyverLand)
  • Angus MacGyver
  • Gordon Shumway (Narration Only And Very View After Him)
  • Teal’c
  • Jack O’Neil
  • Teal’c’s Friend
  • Daniel Jackson

Notes & trivia Edit

  • MacGyverLand is a Place for Magic Kingdom From AchGyver.
  • MacGyver’s Pets are The Friendly Look From AchGyver.