FART is an Original Youtube Poop-Esque Series Since Released In January 28 2018.

Character: Edit

  • FART is an Youtube Poop Character From AchGyver‘s Secret Pledge. He’s an Flatulent and Wise. He Rips a Fart Like Rest of Those Did.
  • AchGyver: He is an Main Character That Appears an Looking Through The Doors.
  • Spongebob: a Friendly Sponge Character Appears In the Series But He Did Not Appear in The Adventures of FART and The New Adventures of FART.
  • Patrick Star: a Starfish Character From The Series But Never Appeared In The 2 Cartoons.
  • Mr. Krabs: a Crab Appears In The Series But Never Appeared In FART Cartoons.
  • The Tanners: Mostly Appears In The Series But They Did Not Appear In FART Cartoons.

Plot Edit

FART (F.A.R.T) Goes To Planet Earth And Then, The Tanners Must Find the Star Trek Dreams of World.

Episodes: Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. Lynn’s Laughing Problem
  3. Masters of The Night
  4. I Dream of Wild
  5. The Legend of the Madonna Swamp
  6. Looking Through the Doors
  7. The Rises
  8. Breaking is Easy To Do
  9. Willie And Gordon‘s Grand Adventure
  10. Looking For Kitty Klutzy
  11. Different Return
  12. The New For A Friend
  13. Winnie The Pooh’s Funniest Tonight Videos
  14. Another Same Return
  15. Kate’s Angry Problem
  16. Don’t Trust with Willie’s Brother
  17. Help Me.... My Dream of Rhonda
  18. The Faith is Passed!
  19. I Gotta Be Piglet
  20. Ending In Star Trek

Specials: Edit

  1. A FART Christmas