AchGyver is a Esque-Youtube Poop Spin Off Series Which is Based on FART.

Characters Edit

  • AchGyver (Character): AchGyver is a Main Character. He’s a Man That did a tricks.
  • Peter Thornton: Peter Thornton is a MacGyver’s Best Friend And He’s a Boss of Phoenix Foundation.
  • Jack Dalton: Jack Dalton is a MacGyver’s Friend. He’s a Co-Pilot from MacGyver.

Maps Edit

  • Phoenix Foundation: is a Building from 1985 TV Series.
  • MacGyverLand: is World Place for The Wonderful Fun Ways To Go On the Adventure. About: this is the Mix of MacGyver,Sleeping Beauty,ALF Tales (Three Bears And Alice in Wonderland),Winnie the Pooh and Rainbow Brite.
  • MacGyverLand Characters:
  1. Pooh Bear - A Pet Adoption Owner That MacGyver Adopted Three Pet Bears (Called Papa Bear,Baby Bear And Mama Bear).
  2. Tigger Guard: He‘s a Secruity Guard That Called MacGyver‘s 3 Missing Pets.
  3. Three Bears: It‘s From ALF Tales Episode Called “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears”. It’s Angus MacGyver’s Pet Bears That Appeared Only In AchGyver Episodes And The New Adventures of FART Episode Called ”Teal’c And Three Bears
  4. Angus MacGyver: A Main Character That He Appears In Only Series Like The New Adventures of FART And AchGyver Series. He Has 3 Pets Appeared Only In His New Home.
  5. Rainbow Unicorn: is a Character from Rainbow Brite But In MacGyverLand.
  6. White Rabbit: Only Appears In The Place.
  7. Fairy: She Appears In MacGyverLand.
  8. Rabbit Goer: He’s a Great Bunny in the World That Buys Food For MacGyver And Other Friends.
  9. Evil Cards: They’ve Appear In MacGyverLand
  10. The Queen of Hearts: She Appears In MacGyverLand.
  11. Cheshire Cat: He Appears In MacGyverLand.
  12. Piglet: He Still Appears In MacGyverLand.
  13. Eeyore: Appears In MacGyverLand.
  • Musics:
  1. The Dream Song
  2. MacGyver’s Fun And Dance Song
  3. Welcome To MacGyverLand
  4. Hurry Up! It’s Time to Go!
  5. It‘s Gonna Rain
  6. It’s Wonderful World
  7. Jack Jack! Here Comes Jack!
  8. Rainbow Rainbow! What did you see!
  9. He Adopts 3 Bears
  10. MacGyver And The Three Bears
  11. Adoption Day!
  12. Let‘s Call the Phone!
  13. Alice In MacGyverLand (Song)
  14. I Dream of Unicorn
  15. When He’s Happy If He Knows It (Song)
  16. Hooray! Hooray! He Found the Missing Pets!
  17. To The Eeyore Kingdom (Song)
  18. Get a Food! (Song)
  • MacGyver Kingdom: MacGyver Kingdom is a World and Place from the Phoenix Foundation of American Wonderland Appears In The New Adventures of FART Episode “Peter MacGyver Pan”.

Music And Themes Edit

  • MacGyver Theme Song